There are currently no vacant offices at the historic Pike House in Downtown Grand Rapids. Current tenants include Reamon Law, PLC, Beurkens Law, PLC, Toburen Law, PLC, Velzen Law, PLLC, Teeples Law, PLLC, Holtvulwer Law, PC, Judith A. Baxter, PLC, Worsfold Law, PLLC,  and Hamilton Tjalsma Wealth Planning Group. The newly renovated space has thirteen foot ceilings, large windows in each office and each office comes fully furnished, with phone, internet, use of conference rooms and plenty of onsite parking. One year leases when available. Call Todd or Michael Almassian (616)364-2100.


    Upper/Entry  Level                                                                     Lower/Gallery Level                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

          Lower/Gallery Level


~What Our Tenants Say~