Pike House Grand Rapids

Pike House Grand Rapids

The Pike House at 230 East Fulton served as the first Art Museum for the City of Grand Rapids and is now available for rent with a unique concept based on referrals between solo practitioners under one roof with niche practice areas.

The Pike House, managed by the Ottawa House, LLC and Keller & Almassian, PLC, have designed a turnkey concept for the needs of solo practitioners and small firms. With 18,500 square feet available in the former Grand Rapids Art Museum, its current tenant, Keller & Almassian, PLC only occupy one half of the lease-able space.

The Gallery Level offers law offices and two conference rooms. Thirteen foot ceilings, large windows for each office, fully furnished with a copy center and free downtown Grand Rapids parking.  The office and all amenities are a good fit for a solo practitioner.

Progress in communications, technology, and the expectations of lawyers insisting on a work life balance are making the option to practice law as  solo practitioners or one to two person law firms even more appealing.

Downtown Grand Rapids law firms continue to showcase well appointed offices.  However, lawyers are more cautious about how they allocate resources.  Lawyers and law firms are expected to operate more efficiently and effectively as clients continue to be judicious about utilizing legal resources.

It takes fewer and fewer resources to seed a small law firm or solo practitioner even when such costs are compared to five years ago.  With access to an iphone, a computer and the internet the legal communities resource gap between large and small law firms has been reduced significantly.

The biggest challenge that remains  for a small law firm or solo practitioner are not the services but the appearance of what those service may be.

The real impact of the Pike House downtown Grand Rapids law space is the look, feel, location and resources of a large downtown law firm with the accessibility and financial feasibility with in reach of a small firm or solo practitioner.

Call Todd or Mike at (616) 364-2100 for more information.

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